MVD Production/Digital Info and Requirements

Art Production

Requirements for printing your title through MVD can be found below. Please read the below requirements carefully and contact Sabrina with any questions.


Disc Manufacturing Masters

For supplying MVD with a disc master for MVD to replicate/manufacture. Any questions/issues please contact Ryan.

The master should be QCed and ready before sending to MVD. We will do a quick QC of the disc but it is not thorough.


  • playable DVDR, ISO, OR DDP master accepted
  • if DVD9, DDP master is preferred
  • If DDP master, please supply playable DVDR as well


  • playable CDR OR DDP master accepted
  • If DDP master, please supply playable CDR as well


  • BD master must be in BDCMF format
  • Please send a playable BD-R as well
  • For a fee MVD can take a BD-video folder and create a BDCMF master, contact Ryan.

Digital Distribution

Digital Video

    • Video should be at native framerate/dimensions
    • DO NOT: convert from PAL to NTSC
    • DO NOT: upscale SD to HD
    • PREFERRED format: ProRes 422/HQ (preferred)
    • Note if you only have DVD or H.264 or other lower quality sources, it will limit where it can be distributed digitally
    • Note if 4K/UHD, please send both 4K and HD
    • IMPORTANT! - Nothing before/after the video except at most 1 second of black (no slates,color bars, counters, etc)
    • Audio embedded, stereo or 8ch. If 8ch, audio MUST be configured with 8 mono tracks in this layout: L,R,C,LFE,Ls,Rs,Stereo L, Stereo R. It is important that the stereo is provided in tracks 7 and 8.
    • Audio must meet the CALM ACT Compliancy (United States Broadcast), normal dialog, not whispered or shouted, must be maintained at -24LKFS as closely as possible. Dialog loudness: –24 LKFS, Dynamic limit: –2 dBFS True Peak
  • A TRAILER OR PREVIEW CLIP MUST BE PROVIDED: A trailer is required. If a trailer is not available, MVD can create an official trailer for $400 or pull a preview clip for $50. Please contact Pam Baldwin for details.
    • Apple ProRes file in the same format as the feature file provided.
    • Trailers or clips should be 30 – 90 secs
    • Must be Green band "appropriate for all audiences"
    • No references to the physical format or bonus features
    • No URL’s of any kind and no call to action tags (e.g., “Coming Soon” or “Available Now”)
  • CLOSED CAPTIONS: Captions are required. If you have CCs already please send as .SCC file and if available .SRT as well.
         If you do not provide captions, we will have them created for $1.16 per minute (based on run time).
    • Key/Cover art required: 1920 x 1080 (16:9) JPG
    • Key/Cover art required: 1200 x 1600 (3:4) JPG
    • Key/Cover art required: Layer intact PSD (Photoshop) of hi-res or 3:4 art
    • Stills: 3-5 stills from the main feature. Native resolution, JPG.
    • Also optionally you can provide a 1920 x 1080 (16:9) "background image" ("to convey the mood of your content").
  • Naming Convention:Please name the files using the UPC and title and the type of asset (feature, trailer,captions). For example:,, 8717306932202_TheNameOfTheFilm_captions.scc
  • Delivery: Please send assets on an external drive. (see delivery info below)

Digital Audio

  • PREFERRED delivery: WAV or FLAC files
  • Spec: 16bit/44.1kHz up to 24bit/96kHz (only send one)
  • Naming Convention IMPORTANT!
    Files should be named UPC_disc#_track#_song title_artist.ext.
    Song title and artist are optional.
    For example: 8717306932202_1_01.wav, 8717306932202_1_02.wav
  • Minimally, IF ONE DISC, it can be named just track#.ext (1.wav, 2.wav)
  • DELIVERY PREFERRED: Use the uploader on This is located on the "view submissions" page, each release will have a link to upload its audio files.
  • All tracks MUST be set up in our database (via prior to sending audio!
  • ARTWORK: 3000x3000 cover art
  • iTunes Booklet: PDF should be included in the folder along with the audio

DVD/Blu-ray Authoring

Below is what you ideally send for MVD to have your title authored. Any questions/issues please contact Ryan.

Audio/Video assets

  • Video should be at native framerate/dimensions
  • PREFERRED format: ProRes on an external hard drive (PC or Mac formatted)
  • Nothing before/after the video except 1 second of black (no titles,color bars, counters, etc)
  • Audio embedded (stereo or 8ch) OR if providing 5.1 separate mono files is ideal

Artwork for menus

  • Layered PSD (Photoshop) of cover art (can get from Sabrina if she is creating)
  • Any additional graphics/images that would be useful for the menus.


  • Timecodes for chapters (optional but very helpful)
  • Song names (if music related) or chapter names (optional)
  • Listing of all bonus materials to be included (this can be entered on the b2b site as well)

Delivery to MVD

    Digital Video, Trailers and Authoring

  • Please label all drives (including the box if included) with the title(s) and a return address.
  • NTFS (Windows) or HFS (Mac) (exFAT NOT preferred)
  • Standard USB cables are not needed.
  • Send to:
    203 Windsor Rd
    Pottstown, PA 19464

    Disc Masters

  • Send to:
    203 Windsor Rd
    Pottstown, PA 19464

  • For delivering smaller files, please send to via (2GB limit) or (5GB limit), making sure to include the stock# or UPC of the title you are delivering.